Moon Nest 月巢

Vol.6 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence 第6回筑波國際美術展 Work 1 Title: Moon nest Artist: Lee, Kuei-chih Materials: Bamboo, Sisal rope Size: 550cm(L)x550cm(W)x120cm(H) Location: The forest of the Tsukuba, Japan Year: 2018 Conception: The "moon" has a great influence on the earth and human life. It affects the changes of the earth's tides, and also makes the flow of the atmosphere have certain rules, and creating a stable ecological environment and climate making life more suitable for survival. I use "Nest" as a symbol of the environment we live in, and use "Moon" as a representation of the laws of nature. I found my work's location with a small stone and create a new moon fall down to the

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