Between the rivers 在河之間

East Rift Valley Granary Festies Title: Between the rivers Artist: Lee, Kuei-chih Photography and video: Lua Rivera Figueroa Location: Chi Shang Riverside Park, Taitung county, Taiwan Materials: Bamboo, Steel bars Size: 24.5m(L) x 6.5m(W) x 4m(H) Year: 2019 Conception: Taiwan East Rift Valley is dominated by rice, and climate, soil and water are the key factors determining rice quality. People live between mountains and water and live with nature. The Artwork is located on the land of the Taiwan East Rift Valley in Taitung county and it installed in Chi Shang Riverside Park in Taitung County. The waterway is the path of water and is also the needed for local farmers to irrigate. The work fol

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