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        李蕢至的作品以華人哲學思想中最有力量的隱喻之一-「水」作為思考的觸媒,來雕塑著自然界的流動能量。他的自然雕塑在動與靜與內外心境之間把有形的世界與無形的宇宙聯繫起來,並與周圍的環境彼此交流與共生,進而探索創作的本質與人、自然與環境之間的關係。 居住在台灣並在世界各地創作。



         Lee, Kuei-Chih is a Taiwanese Environmental art artist and was born in Yunlin County, Taiwan. He entered nature and learned directly from nature. With his own relationship with nature, physical labor and his view of the organic world, he connects and communicate with natural elements, to become aware of the inner soul and consciousness and interpret the philosophy of nature.

         Lee, Kuei-Chih use one of the most powerful "metaphors" in Chinese philosophy-"Water" as a catalyst for thinking, to sculpt the flowing energy of nature. His natural sculpture connects the material world with the immaterial universe between Motion and Stillness and the inner and outer state of mind, and communicates and co-exists with the surrounding environment, and then explores the relationship between the essence of creation and human, nature and environment.

Lives in Taiwan and works around the world.


“We sculpted ourselves while sculpting time.”

Qadaw-10 [1600x1200].jpg
Moon in the fire-1 [1600x1200].jpg
03 [1600x1200].jpg
Cloud-2 [1600x1200].jpg
Taikang Water dress-6 [1600x1200].jpg
相片 2022-9-8 18 03 37 [1600x1200]_edited.jpg
光域漫遊一-10 [1600x1200].jpg
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