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鱗光 Scale Light



作品協力:Lua Rivera、張國耀、林漢卿、王騰崇、李佳旗



尺寸:27.6m(L)x 12m(W)x 1.6m(H)

地點:萬年溪,屏東市,台灣  (22.663469, 120.482776)




萬年溪是屏東市區最大的排水河道,正是都市形體龍的象徵。因此作品形式來自於華人民俗中傳說生物- 龍。並取其規律排列的鱗片做為雕塑表現,在表象的物質世界下,呼應自然中秩序的美與規律,詮釋著大地萬物的流動能量。

Title: Scale Light

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Work assistance: Lua Rivera,Chong, Kok-yew,Lin, Han-Cing,Samuel Wang,Lee Cha-Chi

Lighting Design: Huang, Shen-Chuan

Materials: Bamboo, Iron, LED light, PVC pipe

Size: 27.6m(L)x 12m(W)x 1.6m(H)

Location: Wannian River, Pingtung city, Taiwan  (22.663469, 120.482776)

Year: 2024

“2024 Pingtung Lantern Festival”

  2024 is the year of Jiachen. "Jia" means wood, and "Chen" means dragon. It is also called the "Wood Dragon Year". According to Geomantic Omen, Jiamu is a big tree, while Chenlong belongs to Earth. In Feng Shui, water is one of the manifestations of the dragon. This work uses bamboo as material on the river of the earth. At the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, it expresses the image of dragon scales and is named "Scale Light" in response to the natural aura.

  Wannian River is the largest drainage river in Pingtung City and is the official symbol of the city's dragon shape. Therefore, the form of the work comes from the legendary creature in Chinese folklore - the dragon. The regularly arranged scales are used as sculptural expressions. Under the surface of the material world, they echo the beauty and regularity of order in nature and interpret the flowing energy of all things on the earth.




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