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Dorado Beach Water Dress / 多拉多海灘水禮服

Title: Dorado Beach Water Dress

Artist: Lua Rivera/ Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Water, pinewoods, paint

Size: 26m(L)x 26m(W)x 2.5cm(H)

Location: Dorado Beach Resort, Puerto Rico

Year: 2024

“5th Art in Golf Triennial in 2024”

“Water” is a reflection of our soul.

Water is one of the basic components of life on Earth. About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, which is the same as the proportion of water in the human body, and our body is mainly composed of water. Water is the most common substance on the earth, and it is also the most mysterious substance. There are many stories about water as a metaphor in history as well. 

Japanese scholar Masaru Emoto once published the statement that water energy affects the crystallization of water molecules based on external information. This reveals the mysterious message of water and reacts to human thoughts, music, emotions, prayers, and words. We also believe that water carries different messages in different environments, and we often feel surrounded and embraced by water in our lives. It is like a living creature, with different shapes depending on the terrain and becoming a river, lake, pond, stream, rain, ice, mist, and ocean.

Masaru Emoto proved that water is so powerful that it can cause destruction and change just through the human mind. He once had a study in which two photographers took photos of crystals. One is in a state of peace, and the other is in a state of excitement. When transferring the feeling of “Love and Gratitude” that Masaru Emoto calls into the water, the shape of water molecules into crystals is beautiful and balanced. On the other hand, when it sends negative feelings to water, the crystals get deformed.

On this occasion we want to build a “Water dress” for the Dorado Beach Resort as we believe this work fits perfectly with the theme “Patterns of Nature” for the 5th Art in Golf Triennial. We want to tangibly embrace water in the natural environment through an artistic transformation. We will research the aquatic landscapes at the El Dorado Beach Resort to choose one water surface to create an In-Site Water Dress Artwork and establish a dialogue between art and nature.


藝術家:Lua Rivera、李蕢至


尺寸:26m(L)x 26m(W)x 2.5cm(H)





水是地球生命的基本組成部分之一。 大約70%的地球表面被水覆蓋,這與人體內水的比例相同,而我們的身體主要是由水所組成。水是地球上最常見的物質,也是最神秘的物質,在歷史上也有許多關於水的隱喻與故事。

日本學者Masaru Emoto曾經發表過這樣的說法,即基於外部信息,水能影響水分子的結晶。這揭示了水的神秘信息,並對人類的思想,音樂,情感,祈禱和言語做出了反應。我們還認為,水在不同的環境中帶有不同的信息,且經常感到生活中被水包圍和擁抱著。它就像一個活的生物,其形態的不同取決於地形,而成為河流、湖泊、池塘、溪流、雨、冰、霧和海洋。

Masaru Emoto證明了水是如此地強大,以至於它可以通過人類的思想造成破壞和改變。他曾經進行了一項研究,其中兩名攝影師為晶體拍照。一個處於和平狀態,另一個處於亢奮狀態。當他將”愛與感激”的感覺呼喚到水中的時,水分子的形狀是美麗而平衡的。反之,當它向水發出負面情緒時,晶體則會殘缺變形。



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