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光域漫遊 Roam in Light





作品_1: 250cm(L)x250cm(W)x600cm(H)

作品_2: 800cm(L)x400cm(W)x400cm(H)

作品_3: 1800cm(L)x1800cm(W)x500cm(H)






第一件作品我在展覽的休憩空間中使用竹管將天井的自然光收攏聚集,收光的同時也靜下紛亂的心。第二件作品位於展覽中的「點亮世界」區域,這裡呈現著許多客家文化的記憶。千絲萬縷的思緒在此集結,因此我以「莫比烏斯環」(Mobius strip)作為第二件作品的概念。我將竹片扭轉後在此空間進行線性纏繞,表現故事不停流轉的意象。第三件作品是懸浮在空中,內置沉浸式投影的環形竹編裝置。此雕塑是件光環狀的大型劇場,也是與世界約定著環境永續的戒環。


Title: Roam in Light

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Bamboo, iron, aluminum alloy, nylon rope


Work_1: 250cm(L)x250cm(W)x600cm(H)

Work_2: 800cm(L)x400cm(W)x400cm(H)

Work_3: 1800cm(L)x1800cm(W)x500cm(H)

Location: World museum of the HAKKA EXPO, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Year: 2023


Photo by: Taoyuan City Government , Lee, Kuei-Chih

"Photosynthesis" is a self-operated creature (producer) at the bottom of the food chain that uses light to transform inorganic objects such as water and carbon dioxide into organic processes that can store chemical energy. The process of natural energy conversion is connected with the organic creative concept of environmental art. Therefore, I used the "Light" element to enter my work's creative concept, transforming light energy in the "World Hakka Expo", and named it "Roam in Light".

In the first piece of work, I used bamboo to gather the natural light of the skylight in the rest space of the exhibition, and the light also calmed down the chaotic mood as well. The second work is located in the "Lighting World" area of the exhibition, where it gathers the memories of many Hakka cultures. So, I use "Mobius Strip" as the concept of my second work. I twist the bamboo slices and entangle them in the space to express the story flowing constantly. The third work is suspended in the air, and the ring-shaped bamboo weaving work goes with immersive projections. This sculpture is a large-scale theater with a halo, and it is also a ring that shares "environmental sustainability" with the world.

The "Roam in Light" work presents three stages, from "Point" to "Line" to "Plane", and it is unfolded with the concept of light. From natural light to artificial light to create an agreement with "ecological sustainability" together.

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