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雲 / Cloud



藝術協力:Lua Rivera、Maricela Figueroa Zamilpa、陳勇昌、張國耀、吳宗益、徐宏毅


尺寸:30.5m(L)x 13m(W)x 3m(H)

地點:大溪區,桃園市,台灣(24.89900N, 121.29883E)


2022 桃園地景藝術節_川行脈動



古希臘哲學家泰勒斯(Thales,624 B.C.-546 B.C.)提到「水是萬物之本源」,在東方文化裡也常見老子(約 500 B.C.)與莊子(476 B.C.–221 B.C.)以水喻道的哲學。人類文化的起源與「水」是分不開的。「與河共生」的生活方式孕育出了許多的物種與棲地,也進而發展出了許多與自然平衡的生態智慧。除此之外,符號圖像是人類認識世界最初的溝通方式,而「雲」是自然界中的大氣現象,也是水在空中的載體,是水循環中的重要一環。雲紋的符號也廣泛出現在古代遺址與廟宇之中,有著尊重自然與生態永續的象徵意義。




Title: Cloud

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Chinese fir, bamboo, iron mesh, rebar, paint

Size: 30.5m(L)x 13m(W)x 3m(H)

Location: Daxi District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan (24.89900N, 121.29883E)

Year: 2022

“2022 Taoyuan Land Art Festival-River flows, City Vibes”


The sudden climate change is a huge challenge for human beings in the 21st century. The blue meandering lines on the map connect different places and cultures and also depict the secrets of rivers and their civilizations. Dahan River is the mother river that nurtured Taoyuan Terrace, and the Daxi District of Taoyuan City is adjacent to Dahan River. It used to be an important port in northern Taiwan due to the development of river transport, and it was also the timber export gateway of the Fuxing District at that time.

The ancient Greek philosopher Thales (624 B.C.-546 B.C.) mentioned that "water is the source of all things". In Chinese culture, Laozi (about 500 B.C.) and Zhuangzi (476 B.C.–221 B.C.) often use water metaphors for Taoism philosophy. The origin of human culture is inseparable from "water". The lifestyle of "symbiosis with the river" has given birth to many species and habitats, and has also developed a lot of ecological wisdom in balance with nature. In addition, symbolic images are the initial communication method for humans to understand the world, and "clouds" are atmospheric phenomena in nature, the water carrier in the air, and an important part of the water cycle. The symbol of the cloud pattern is also widely found in ancient ruins and temples, which has the symbolic meaning of respecting nature and ecological sustainability.

This work is on the lawn next to the Dahan River in Daxi District, Taoyuan City. I echo the meandering river on the map with a streamlined sculptural form, creating a sculpture of a cloud symbol here. The "Cloud" work conveys the message of heaven on earth, responds to our reverence and belief in nature, and connects the relationship between water and human beings. The main materials of the work are fir and bamboo. In addition to echoing the history of wood output here in the past, use organic materials to build "Carbon sinks" to offset today's unavoidable carbon emissions. The huge maze formed by the symbolic sculpture of the "cloud", in addition to the space for recreation, also means "looking for" behavior, finding a balanced lifestyle between humans and earth in the cloud.




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