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Source and Flow



In 2019, a brutal fire engulfed the Utheater in the mountain. After months of thinking, the Utheater was reborn and rebuilt in a more ecological way. In 2020, I was invited to the mountain of the Utheater to create art works. I looked at those piles of charred wood and burnt and rusted iron sheet on the land which is destroyed by fire, then I think that these materials are not only building materials for shelter from wind and rain, but also carry over 30 years of rehearsal, performance, life and homeland memory. Therefore, I decided to use artistic methods to transform these materials into another kind of existence in the original theater location.

The two works "Source" and "Flow" jointly tell the natural philosophical view of the unity of man and nature and the gratitude for the earth. It remembers the story of the evil fire in 2019 and the rebirth in 2020. The work merges with the environment, between addition and subtraction, between man and nature, continuous symbiotic dialogue with nature.


Title: Source

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Charred wood, steel bars

Size: 180cm(L) x 150cm(W) x 310cm(H)

Location: Mountain Theater of Utheatre, Taipei City, Taiwan

Year: 2020

This work is called " Source " and is located in the original theater rehearsal position. I slowly gathered the wood that was charred by the fire in the original theater rehearsal venue, as an endless stream of energy was rising from the ground. And as the thoughts hidden in the sound of a drum gather here, responding to the source of natural spirit.





尺寸:180cm(L) x 150cm(W) x 310cm(H)





Title: Flow

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Burnt and rusted iron sheet, steel bars

Size: 620cm(L)x 240cm(W)x 260cm(H)

Location: Mountain Theater of Utheatre, Taipei City, Taiwan

Year: 2020

I named this work "Flow" and transformed these original theater space’s materials into another form of life exists. The work is installed in a high place in the theater mountain and facing the sky. I use discarded gong racks and burnt and rusted iron sheet materials for my work, and create a streamlined sculpture leaping out of the forest. I softened the impression of the original hardness of iron with the image of water, and installed the mirror where the gong was originally hanged. What replaces the roar of the gong is the mapping with the environment, and the fluctuations of time, nature and internal resonance, which converge the natural flow of mountains and sky here.





尺寸:620cm(L)x 240cm(W)x 260cm(H)





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