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嵩山竹曲 Songshan Bamboo meander



尺寸:大約50m(L) x 15m(W) x 4.5m(H)


設置地點:新北市石門區嵩山社區梯田 (25°15'07.9"N , 121°33'56.7"E)








North Coast Art Field 2016

Title: Songshan Bamboo meander

Size: About 50m(L) x 15m(W) x 4.5m(H)

Materials: Bamboo, Hemp rope, Galvanized pipe

Location: The terraces in Songshan community, Shimen District, New Taipei city, Taiwan

(25°15'07.9"N , 121°33'56.7"E)

Songshan Community is located in New Taipei City’s Shimen District. In the mountains of the valley, there is a terrace formed by the winding mountains. It is a crystallization of wisdom from our ancestors, and also the best proof of human coexisting with nature. Under the soft breeze, the curved bamboo symbolizes the most important stream of water here. The writings on the bamboo carry the local people’s stories and visions. The scattered sound of music flows between this mountain land.

" Meander is necessary to straight, but also a necessary process of the river." After every twist and turn, we will find an even more beautiful scenery.

〈Songshan Bamboo meander〉is a piece in the “Dragon” series. I used mountains, water and wind three natural elements responded the cultural landscape of water terraces in the mountain. A river constituted by the bamboo flows in the land where is surrounded by terraces. It is the water vein in this mountain, and dragon vein also.

The mountain breeze blows on to the scattered bamboo, and that sounds like an ancient ritual performed. It transferred the wishes and the stories by wind, lead us into the nature’s recollection. A quiet dialogue space between human and nature.

The work is like a natural boundary on the map, symbolizing the most important flowing water here, and it is like a dragon that winds on the earth. This giant natural line is not to block and divide, but has the natural characteristics of penetrating and flowing, and gathers people with nature. In the process of sculpture production, thanks to the help of the friends and the landlord for their support, this natural sculpture was successfully completed in the hot summer environment. In addition, I collaborated with the landlord to organize the environment of the work out of the original terraced field, so that the viewers can pass the original terraced field before entering the work, so that the work becomes a bridge between people and land, and think about the common wishes of humans and the environment.

This work is taken from nature, and finally must return to nature. The work was completed in 2016. After integrating into the on -site environment, it combines local environmental education activities to coexist with nature. After three years of exhibition on the venue, the sculpture gradually faded and destroyed under the process of time of time. It gradually degraded with the creature, and finally in 2019 we responded to the custom of fire plowing in the past, using the ceremony of fire to return the sculpture back to nature and become a part of land nutrients.


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