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潮語 Tide Whisper


2015 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival_A Tribute to Tides




尺寸:約莫50m(L) x 3m(W) x 2m(H)






Title: Tide Whisper

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Branches, natural paint

Size: About 50m (L) x 3m (W) x 2m (H)

Location: Guandu Nature Park, Taipei city, Taiwan

Year: 2015

“Tide Whisper" is installed in a mudflat area at Guandu Nature Park, Taipei, Taiwan.

It depicts the images of mangroves (Kandelia obovata) in the wetlands and the river meandering through the city. Mangroves, which act as buffers between land and water, are able to protect the environment and wildlife. Therefore, they can be seen as wetland guardians. Meanwhile, the dynamics of the tidal river affect the rhythm of local water flow and the diversity of human activities.

I collect a lot of branches from the site and remove the bark to present the clean, white inner part. By this way, the texture of these branches is turned from heavy into light and buoyant. These materials are then assembled into kinetic installations which will be moved by the wind blow and the water flow, as if they are some kind of organic living creatures and can make a response to the role of mangroves in providing protection.

Each day, I follow the local tide table to install my artwork in the river. By arranging the installations in a meander way, I expect to create a sculpture which can be seen as the guardian of the river.

In this work, It is not the human beings deciding the working time, but working with natural time.

I work in a river of wetland where connects with the ocean, therefore, ebb tide time is more important for installation. I have to learn where is the mudflat position and undulating and then I can decide the position and curve of my work.

These sculptures which are constructed from local branches with peeling the bark, the color becomes more pale and reflects the light color changing directly. It looks like animal’s bones or some organisms and will swing slightly by wind and tides, seems to say some secret whispers to human beings.

The appearance of “Tide Whisper" changes with the natural lighting during a day and being even more gorgeous under the beautiful sunset and just likes an golden river. Through this artwork, I wish to express my gratitude to the tides, and to all the beauty which the tides has brought.


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