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Water Aura-2




表演者:Masahiro Nakanishi


尺寸:約8m(L) x 5m(W) x 5m(H)




SHINANO Primitive Sense Art Festival 2015

Title: Water Aura-2 (水のアウラ-2)

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Performer: Masahiro Nakanishi

Material: Branches, Vine, Hemp rope, leaves

Size: about 8m (L) x 5m (W) x 5m (H)

Year: 2015

After I finished my first work (Water Aura), I came to another forest. The vegetation of this forest is less primitive. Half is planted coniferous forest, and the other half is evergreen forest. I walked along the path next to railways and finally chose a hill toward the west. Across this hill was the planted coniferous forest, followed by the railways. I aimed to combine the images of land and water in this work. Therefore, I adopted the symbols of the leaf and the wave and used hemp ropes to connect each other. In the leaf sculpture I used natural materials like vines, branches, mushrooms, leaves, cicada shells etc. The wave part was constituted by many peeled branches and become very evident in the green woods. I tried to create some kind of musical attribute of the mountain. The sculpture looks like a giant natural instrument. The colorful leaves attached to one of the branches swing with the wind. When people shake the leaf sculpture, the wave will move together. Whenever the wind blows, especially during the twilight, the whole sculpture is like being given life and will begin to dance, with the light streams through the woods and falls on the wave in the back, making it shine like gold.

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