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This island is formed by volcanic eruptions, Layers of texture is characteristic of the island. But neat island roads and perfect construction in this island that it is already became the formation of some Inconceivable landscape.Therefore, this works used the postcode to named— 〒 100-0212. The location is the trail for artwork, I’m trying to link two places using two semicircular in this work.

〒100-0212 No.1

Artist:Lee, Kuei-Chih、Shilpa Joglekar

Location:Oshima island,Tokyo,Japan

Material:Objects、Natural materials



This exhibition is the name" route". This Habu Elementary School is the main place in this exhibition. Therefore, this work looks like anchoring here. This work was made by used furniture and natural materials. There is many stories behind these materials, This also occurs in the process.


〒100-0212 No.2

Artist:Lee, Kuei-Chih

Location:Oshima island,Tokyo,Japan

Material:Lava、Branches、Bamboo、Cement block、Tiles、Grass、Soil



On this hot volcanic island between so many houses, I found an empty space, perhaps there might have been a house in the past. It seemed like time trapped in emptiness .Through the work I wanted to recreate the history of this island .The land and rocks made by so many layers of volcanic lava.This work is inspired from the mandala paintings and l wanted it to seem like a meteorite had fallen on the earth, and also want to lead the viewer into an imaginative wonderland.

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