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月與火 / Flames in the moonlight




尺寸:11m(L) x 6.1m(W) x 3.5m(H)




「磺火捕魚」(蹦火仔)是利用火燄的光源捕魚的傳統方法。 具有趨光性的青鱗魚因受光吸引大量跳出水面後,漁民再以網進行撈捕的傳統捕魚文化,也是台灣新北市金山區磺港漁港流傳百年的捕魚文化。 而這一個即將失傳的捕漁方式在文史工作者和漁民的努力下被保存下來成為了台灣獨特的文化生命觸動。

青鱗魚群隨著黑潮來臨,漁民們隨著潮汐與魚群遷移而有不固定的場域。 在低經濟價值與捕魚期間短的現實限制下,漁民們仍保有且使用著這種百年來的傳統捕魚方式,用生命來傳承這百年的文化記憶。 因此,此作品我以時間作為作品的發想,結合了「火」與「潮汐」兩個元素。 我將「火」的符號表現在海灘上,編織成一座自然雕塑來回應漁船與成群青鱗魚群躍出水面的圖像,而作品中間裝置著代表潮汐的「月」符號,也是一個可供民眾休憩賞海的地方。 此外,早期時漁民利用竹製火把來集中魚群,所以此作品使用竹子來表現,試著藉由竹子這種材料從蹦火歷史的起點來將這「磺火捕魚」(蹦火仔)的百年文化轉化成為金山海邊的印記。

Title: Flames in the Moonlight

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Bamboo, pine wood, rebar

Size: 11m(L) x 6.1m(W) x 3.5m(H)

Location: Zhongjiao Bay, Jinshan District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Year: 2022

2022 North Coast Light Festival


“Sulfuric Fire Fishing” is a traditional fishing method using the flames' light source. Due to the attraction of light, a large number of Spotted herring jumped out of the water, then fishermen used fishing nets to catch it. This traditional fishing culture is a century-old fishing culture that has been spread in the fishing port of the HuangGang Fishing Harbor, Jinshan District, New Taipei City. This way of fishing that is about to be lost has become a unique cultural life in Taiwan with the efforts of culture and history workers and fishermen.

The “Spotted herring” comes with the Kuroshio, it causes the fishermen to have unsure fields with the movement of the tide and the migration of the fish. Under the reality restrictions of low economic value and short fishing period, fishermen still maintain and use this hundred-year traditional fishing method to inherit this century-old cultural memory with life. Therefore, I use “time” as the imagination of the work, and combine the two elements of “fire” and “tide”. I express the symbol of "Fire" on the beach, weaving a natural sculpture to correspond to the images in which a fishing boat and a group of Spotted herring jump out of the water. In the middle of the work, there is a "month" symbol that represents the tide, which is also a place for the people to rest and appreciate the sea. In addition, at the earliest time, fishermen used bamboo torches to attract fish groups. So, I use bamboo to express and try to transform this century-old culture into the mark of the Jinshan seaside from the starting point of the “Sulfuric Fire Fishing” history.


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