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新北濕地水禮服 Water dress- New Taipei city Wetlands


創作者:李蕢至、Lua Rivera


尺寸:2500cm(L)x 2500cm(W)x 50cm(H)





水是地球上生命的基本成分之一。地球表面大約70%被水所覆蓋,與人體內水份的比例相同。自1994年起,Masaru Emoto博士不斷地以科學的方法進行了意念對水結晶影響的實驗,也揭示了水在不同環境下會產生著不一樣的信息,而這水的實驗啟發了藝術家李蕢至和Lua Rivera開始製作漂浮在水面上的作品想法。從2019年開始李蕢至和Lua Rivera逐漸地在不同的地方創造出一件件獨特的「水禮服」作品。此作品使用環境間的自然素材來覆蓋水面的一部分,創造了漂浮在水面上的天然紡織品。它就像是一件為水織出的衣裳,以藝術的方式擁抱我們生命中最重要且神祕的物質- 水。



Title: Water dress- New Taipei city Wetlands

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih and Lua Rivera

Materials: Water, Cedar wood, Water Hyacinth, Water cabbage, Lotus, Parrot Feather Watermilfoil, Ludwigia peploides subsp

Size: 3000cm(L)x 3000cm(W)x 50cm(H)

Location: Wetland under the Xinyue Bridge, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Year: 2022

2022 New Taipei Wetlands Art Festival

"Water" is a reflection of our soul.

Water is one of the basic ingredients of life on earth. About 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water, the same proportion as the water in the human body. Since 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto has continuously conducted experiments on the effect of ideas on water crystallization with scientific methods, and also revealed that water produces different information in different environments, and this water experiment inspired artists Lee, Kuei-Chih and Lua Rivera to start making works floating on water.

Since 2019, Lee, Kuei-Chih and Lua Rivera have gradually created unique pieces of "water dress" in different places. This work uses natural materials from the environment to cover part of the water surface to creating a natural textile that floats on the water. It is like a garment woven for water. Use the artistic way to embracing the most important and mysterious substance in our lives - Water.

Wetlands, oceans and forests are known as the three major ecosystems in the world. In addition to its functions of conserving water sources and purifying water, it is also a rich gene pool that nurtures biodiversity on the earth, and is known as the "kidney of the earth". The wetland where this work is located is a artificial wetland. It is designed meandering by the river in the city to purify the wastewater in the city step by step. It is an ecosystem for wastewater purification in a natural way. In addition, scientists have found that the structure of water molecules closely surrounding the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, the Arctic icebergs and the DNA of human healthy cells are all hexagonal. Moreover, the hexagon is the most common structure in nature, with equal force on all sides and the densest structure. Therefore, in this "Water Dress- New Taipei Wetlands" work, we used wood to create many hexagonal structural patterns floating on the water surface of the wetland, and installed aquatic plants in the wetland in the pattern. Create a natural dress made of wetland plants woven into each other and floating in the wetlands. It is also a "water dress" that belongs to this unique environment.



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