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海螺 Conch



創作者:李蕢至與Lua Rivera


尺寸:550cm(L)x 350cm(W)x 300cm(H)






Title: Conch

Artists: Lee, Kuei-Chih and Lua Rivera

Material: Driftwood and rope

Size: 550cm(L)x 350cm(W)x 300cm(H)

Location: Chenglong wetlands, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Year: 2020

2020 ChengLong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

Marine snails or conch shells are aquatic gastropod molluscs adapted to living in the marine environment. They are the most numerous group and the first to emerge, and from which the terrestrial and freshwater molluscs evolved.

Marine snails are highly specialized and diversified organisms. Although all snails share the same basic characteristics, they can present differences due to adaptation to different ecological niches. Marine snails are the most diverse species in the Phylum Mollusca formed by animals as different as cephalopods or bivalves (oysters, clams, chitons, abalone, squid, octopus, etc.), because they constitute more than fifty percent of the one hundred thousand species of molluscs that exist.

We chose to represent this sea creature to express the richness of diversity as the origin of the shellfish that are consumed and sold in Chenglong. These creatures are also indispensable for the villagers and birds. They maintain the balance of the wetland ecosystem and dazzle us with their variety of shapes and flavors.

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