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大地甬道 Earth corridor





尺寸:6m(L) x 5m(W) x 3m(H)

地點:台北市淡水文化園區25.165994N, 121.446951E



2012 Coastline Art Network _"Art home plan"

Title: Earth Corridor

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Branches

Size: 6m(L) x 5m(W) x 3m(H)

Location: Tamsui Culture Park,Taipei city,Taiwan 25.165994N, 121.446951E

Year: 2012

The concept of this work comes from the Banyan tree roots and many branches that fall down on the city street after typhoon. I use it as a link between nature and people. People live with nature and share this land together. The work gathers the branches of the city and reassembles it to create the natural sculptures here. It starts from the roots of the old banyan tree that where the natural energy comes from. And then I extend it become the "Earth Corridor." The corridor, trying to make the viewer focus on the close relationship between nature and human and summon endless spirit by its endless spiral.


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