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轉變 Transition_2022



創作者:李蕢至 & Lua Rivera


尺寸:30m (L) x 16m (W) x 4m (H)







Title: Transition

Artists: Lee, Kuei-Chih and Lua Rivera

Material: Steel bar, driftwood, bamboo, marine waste, cloth rope, paint

Size: 30m (L) x 16m (W) x 4m (H)

Location: Duli Visitor Center, Taitung County, Taiwan

Year: 2020

Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival 2020_ Boundary aggregation

Climate change is closely related to the increase of greenhouse gas, it is directly and indirectly reflected in the level of human life and the natural ecological environment, these signs have been more severe in recent years, such as melting icebergs in Greenland, massive coral deaths, and forest fires etc. The global warming has caused the rising sea surface temperature to continuously increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which directly affects the natural structure of the earth's atmosphere. Our ecological, ocean current, and hydrological circulation systems have also changed, and the phenomenon of seawater entering the land has accelerated, which has also strengthened the power of typhoons. Typhoon is a natural phenomenon of global climate regulation, and it is also a common weather phenomenon in Taiwan. Therefore, the main image of this work is taken from the typhoon.

This work is named "Transition". This is an environmental sculpture composed of natural objects and human waste after marine economic activities. On the land bordering of the mountains and the sea, the bamboo and driftwood with the attributes of mountains and seas are combined with marine waste to represent the flowing state of nature itself, and created a habitat in the form of a typhoon. It is also a place for thinking while human in the nature. This work echoes the "Boundary aggregation" theme of the "Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival 2020", and responding to the diverse nature and culture that nurtured many ethnic groups on the east coast of Taiwan. It also points out the current state of the environment in which we live, and stresses the importance of environmental sustainability and balance.

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