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孕生/ Birth



作品名稱:孕生/ Birth



尺寸:600cm(L)x 600cm(W)x 500cm(H)







Title: Birth

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Iron, coral

Size: 600cm(L)x 600cm(W)x 500cm(H)

Location: Delta Coral Pool, Gongliao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Year: 2021

2021 DELITA Coral Restoration Project

In 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic broke out globally, and countries around the world quickly implemented border control and other epidemic prevention measures. After the reduction of human activities, the earth's environmental pollution has rapidly reduced, the air and water have become clearer than before, and the ecology has gradually returned. We live in symbiosis with nature in the earth's ecological cycle. After the long-term imbalance between natural ecology and industry, mankind must find a path of symbiosis with nature.

Shallow coral reefs account for 0.015% of the global seabed, but they breed a quarter of the global marine diversity, which has a huge impact on the marine environment and human economy. The first great coral bleaching event occurred in Taiwan in 1998, and another great coral bleaching event occurred in 2020. The "Taiwan Coral Bleaching Observation Platform" announced the latest research results. In 2020, coral bleaching is estimated to lose 31-40% of the corals, the most serious in the Xiaoliuqiu area, and the first occurrence in the northeastern corner. The reason behind it is closely related to climate change and the warming of sea water. Delta Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. has reached its 50th anniversary from its establishment in 1971 to 2021. The Delta Foundation has launched a series of "Healthy Sea" initiatives. On the eve of Earth Day, they announced that they will join hands with professional marine conservation teams to start the restoration of corals in the northeast corner of Taiwan and help build a base for coral breeding. They look forward to bringing more people closer to the marine ecology and paying attention to climate change and environmental issues.

In the spring of 2021, I was invited by the Delta Foundation to create a project for coral restoration. During this epidemic, due to the reduction of human activities, we have seen the breathing of the earth more clearly. Therefore, I use the common shapes in nature as inspiration for my creation. There are many beautiful and mysterious shapes in nature, the most common of which is the spiral shape, the small one such is DNA, and the big one is tornado or interstellar and so on. The hexagon is also a common shape in nature, and it is also the most dense and uniform structural shape, such as honeycombs, insect compound eyes, and ice crystal structures. In addition, "ovate" has the imagination of breeding and life. Therefore, I combined the spiral and the hexagon into the ovate steel sculpture in the abandoned Japanese abalone pool which is cared by the Delta Electronics Industry Co., Ltd in the northeastern corner, and named it "Birth". The work responds to the mysterious order of all things in nature and their mutual symbiosis, and hopes that the corals in the restoration can grow smoothly in the sea, so that environmental art can actually integrate with ecology and contribute to the earth's environment.




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