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台江水禮服 Taikang Water dress


創作者:李蕢至、Lua Rivera


尺寸:60m(L)x 40m(W)x 1m(H)





「水」是地球上最常見的物質,也是最強大的流動性能量。「水禮服」系列作品從Masaru Emoto博士以科學的方法進行意念對水結晶影響的實驗獲得啟發。李蕢至和Lua Rivera從2019年開始在不同的水域創造出一件件屬於獨特場域的「水禮服」作品。此作品創造了漂浮在水面上的天然紡織品,就像是一件為水織出的衣裳,以藝術的方式擁抱我們生命中最重要且神祕的物質- 水。



Title: Taikang Water dress

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih and Lua Rivera

Materials: Water, Cedar wood

Size: 60m(L)x 40m(W)x 1m(H)

Location: Taikang National Park, Tainan city, Taiwan

Year: 2023

"A New Era Of Taikang"

"Water" is a reflection of our soul.

Water is the most common substance on the earth, and it is also the most powerful fluid energy. The "Water Dress" series was inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto's scientific experiment on the influence of ideas on water crystals.

Since 2019, Lee, Kuei-Chih and Lua Rivera have created "water dresses" that belong to unique fields in different waters. We let the work float on the water, like a dress woven for water, and use art to embrace the most important and mysterious substance in our lives - water.

Salt production requires water and time, and water is the medium of time. The concept of our work is taken from the linear landscape of the salt field and the crystallization of salt under the microscope. Through the works, it responds to the geometric arrangement landscape of Tainan's salt fields and the microscopic crystallization of salt, and uses a geometric structure to protrude from the water surface, creating a sculpture similar to the salt mountain.

In this event, we use the "Taikang Water Dress" land art work to create a fantasy landscape on the water, so that the work can coexist with the ecology of this water area, convey the interdependence and coexistence between human beings and nature, and embrace water in a tangible way.



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