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自然邊界的螺旋 The Spiral in the Natural Boundary

The Spiral 02

2017 Gangwon Environmental Installation Art Invitational Artists Exhibition



地點:韓國江原道百樂寺旁的森林 (37.7782N, 128.0116E)


大約尺寸:3m x 6m x 10m





2017 Gangwon Environmental Installation Art Invitational Artists Exhibition

Title: The Spiral in the Natural Boundary

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Location: The forest near Baengnaksa Temple, Gangwon-do, Korea

(37.7782N, 128.0116E)

Materials: Branches, vines, hemp rope

Approximate size: 3m x 6m x 10m

Year: 2017

Work conception:

The concept of this art work is based on the boundaries between the system of spirals as the intrinsic order of all life including this natural habitat, and the man made environment. I selected the area that is between the artificial landscape and the natural landscape. The selection of this site, the boundary between the natural and unnatural worlds, is the absolute key element in the art piece.

In this forest, I placed the outdoor installation form right on the boundary between the two different spaces in the natural landscape. I gathered thet branches on the ground that were from the fallen trees and arranged them together to form the spiral shapes. This piece is meant to shed light on the balanced relationship of the three points mentioned above: the original habitat, biodiversity, and human social and cultural activity both in the particular and in a general sense beyond the forest.

Moreover, I took the spiral shape, which appears everywhere in nature, to represent the spirals in human life and in the order of the cosmos as a whole.

I try to create a natural equilibrium between the original landscape and this art installation project that will continue through time like a spontaneous unified energy field. The aesthetic spirit of the piece will echo the living, biologically diverse forms of nature, through the continuously revolving spirals.



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