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聖泉 Holy Stream

2013 Naori 生態藝術節

2013 Tae-An Naori Ecology Art Festival

2013 Tae-An Naori 生態藝術節



地點:Taean-gun chungcheongnam-do south korea





2013 Tae-An Naori Ecology Art Festival

Title:Holy Stream

Artist:Lee, Kuei-Chih

Location :Taean-gun chungcheongnam-do south korea

Size: 28m(L)x6.5m(W)x4.5m(H)



On December 7, 2007, a serious oil spill of 2.7 million gallons from ships occurred in Taean Gun, South Korea, and polluting the western coast of South Korea. It is known as the "Taean Incident" in history and is the most serious oil spill in South Korea's history. Water also has the ability to breed and destroy, and this incident of the leakage of crude oil polluting the ocean gave me the idea of creating this work here. I used the local branches with dark bark to recreate the image of water, trying to connect the accident with the flowing image of water, and create an sculpture of a river winding from the forest to the sky. And this dark water image sculpture is injecting an essential element of water spirit into the objective reality.


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