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現在山水 Today's landscape




尺寸:700cm(L)x 210cm(W)x 150cm(H)





Title: Today's landscape

Artists: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Rebar, bamboo, garbage from the rivers, other natural materials.

Size: 700cm(L)x 210cm(W)x 150cm(H)

Location: Hsinchu City Art Gallery, Hsinchu city, Taiwan

Year: 2022

Nowadays, the material made by human beings is far more than the speed that nature can decompose, and it has also arisen the problem of garbage in the environment, and it is even more imbalanced in the natural ecosystem.

"Landscape" has always been the main theme of Chinese art creation. While lyric expression through scenery, it conveys the philosophical view of transcendence beyond humanity and is dominated by nature. I named this environmental art sculpture "Today's landscape". The work is combined with two different streamlined sculptures. The first streamline is composed of bamboo and other natural materials, symbolizing the river. The second streamline is composed of bamboo and the garbage from the stream and sculpted it into the mountain shape, symbolizing the mountain. I put the symbols of the river and mountain on the ground that has ripples-shapes, arrangement made with the bricks, and looks like floating islands rising from the ground. The work uses water as a metaphor in the era of unbalanced global environment. From the current behavior of human intervention in nature to rethinking about the past attitude of conforming to nature, seeing our Today's landscape.



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