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循環柱 Circular column

Photos by Gerd Okenka.




尺寸:150cm(L)x 150cm(W)x 700cm(H)



The 11th International Forest Art Path - “Art Nature Change"




Title: Circular column

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: bamboo hat, nylon rope, stainless steel lock buckle, cable tie

Size: 150cm(L)x 150cm(W)x 700cm(H)

Location: The forest in Darmstadt, Germany

Year: 2022

“The 11th International Forest Art Path - “Art Nature Change"


I was born in a farmhouse in Taiwan. We often see the scene of farmers carrying a "Bamboo hat" to farm on the farmland, and "Bamboo hat" is like a yellow note dancing on the earth. Moreover, this natural woven hat, which blocks the sun and rain, has become a symbol of Chinese agriculture under the habits of agricultural use of generations. It is related to weather, symbolizes agriculture, respecting nature, and the wisdom that maintains the ecological balance of nature.

In addition, temples in agricultural society are the center of folk beliefs and culture. It has the function of psychological structure support, and it is also an indispensable element of life in the lives of common people. Many "Dragon Pillar" sculptures are common in Chinese temples. It is also said that "dragon" has the power to control the weather and regulate the climate. Moreover, agriculture is the most direct industry affected by the climate.

The forest on the earth is the temple of the human soul. Therefore, I used the "Bamboo hat" that symbolizes the relationship between human beings and nature as a material. Therefore, I used the hat that symbolizes the relationship between human beings and nature as a material. After combining the "Bamboo hat" into a sculpture, this sculpture is installed on the tree of the forest in the form of a temple called "Dragon Pillar", like a dragon hovering on the temple pillar, and named the work "circular column" to respond to the relationship between humans, land and nature.



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