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Transforming 蛻變




尺寸:1600cm(L) x 750cm(W) x 550cm(H)

地點:信義劇場 Legacy MAX,台北,台灣






Title: Transforming

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Bamboo, Iron bars

Size: 1600cm(L) x 750cm(W) x 550cm(H)

Location: Legacy MAX, Taipei city, Taiwan

Year: 2020

2020 Taiwan Creative Content Fest_ Human Touch-A Closer Future

Human beings are a part of the earth's ecological circle, and understanding nature has become an important subject of how humans live with it. I use two different curves to reflect our current life and try to picture the future image by this sculpture.

In the first part, I used the geometry that researching for space and moving as the concept, and then I raised the lines from the ground to construct a flowing energy shape sculpture in the space as a metaphor for the way humans view nature. In the second part, I connected the geometric sculpture with natural material and transformed them into a continuous rising and flowing natural sculpture, which also symbolizes the way nature responds to humans.

This sculpture combines the different ways of reacting between nature and human beings, and works together to create a state of mutual understanding and harmony in the natural world. It is also our continuing subject for the future.


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