Jialu Sand wave 加留沙浪

October 5, 2019







尺寸:2280cm(L) x 1000cm(W) x 320cm(H)







Roam dunes_2019 Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Land art Festival


Title: Jialu Sand wave

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Driftwood

Size: 2280cmL) x 1000cmW) x 320cmH)

Location: Zhuangwei Visitor center, Yilan County, Taiwan

The old name of Zhuangwei is Shapu, which is a place where sand dunes are like waves. The work combines the unique sand dune landscape of this place, and I local driftwood to create a streamlined natural sculpture and named it "Jialu Sand wave".

The sandy soil of the Lanyang Plain is good for cantaloupe growth and has a reputation as the "Hometown of Cantaloupe". Therefore, I use driftwood to it each other, so that the shadows mapped by the sun shining works looks like the netting of cantaloupe and create a natural light and shadow sculpture with inner and outer penetrating space on this sand dune. It is also a habitat space that invites people into this natural sculpture and watching the light and shadow drift over time, feeling the silence and infinity between nature.







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