Water Aura 2019 水氣場2019

SHINANO Primitive Sense Art Festival 2019 -The birthplace of water

Shinano Omachi Asahi Artist in Residence 2019 Summer

Title: Water Aura 2019

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Branches, Moss

Location: The Millennium forest in Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Size: 50m (L) x 10m (W) x 4m (H)

Year: 2019

In 2015, I created the "Water Aura" work in the forest beside the Kizaki Lake. That was my first work in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Four years have passed, and the work has disappeared and returned to the nature.

In the summer of 2019, I returned to here again. I create the "Water Aura" works in different forms in the "Millennium Forest". I went into the forest where enrich the flora, fauna ecosystem and forest habitat every day and work with it. It also like 4 years ago to respond to the key role of the ecosystem - water. Telling some ancient memories, a call of water. Once again, I saw the ripples of water between the sky and the earth in the forest breeze. Appear the cosmic aura between nature and human.

SHINANO原始藝術節2019年 - 水的發源地

Shinano Omachi Asahi Artist in Residence 2019 Summer





尺寸:50m(L) x 10m(W) x 4m(H)