Between the rivers 在河之間

May 19, 2019



East Rift Valley Granary Festies


Title: Between the rivers

Artist: Lee, Kuei-

Photography and video: Lua Rivera Figueroa

Location: Chi Shang Riverside Park, Taitung county, Taiwan

Materials: Bamboo, Steel bars

Size: 24.5mL) x 6.5mW) x 4mH)

Year: 2019



        Taiwan East Rift Valley is dominated by rice, and climate, soil and water are the key factors determining rice quality. People live between mountains and water and live with nature.

        The Artwork is located on the land of the Taiwan East Rift Valley in Taitung county and it installed in Chi Shang Riverside Park in Taitung County. The waterway is the path of water and is local farmers to irrigate. The work follows the path of the water and is shaped by water, connecting the water with the land. It builds the streams of water ripples sculpture from local bamboo, accompanied by the Rift Valley breeze, water and bamboo sounds, and flowing on this curved wooden bridge. These elements combined together to create a natural sculpture with inner and outside space here. People walk on the bridge, living between the rivers, and feel the natural philosophical space where the virtual and the real and the movement and the static coexist.







攝影Lua Rivera Figueroa



尺寸:24.5m(L) x 6.5m(W) x 4m(H)



























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