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With Tide 與潮

2019 The Driftwood & Sand Beach Sculpture Festival

Title: With Tide

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Driftwood, New Zealand flax

Size: 25m (L)

Location: The work is located at the Hokitika river mouth, New Zealand

Year: 2019

“Use anything you find on the beach to create a sculpture.” Is the slogan of the “The Driftwood & Sand Beach Sculpture Festival”. The natural material is not only something visible object but everything flowing around us. After finished the "Ripple" work, I created second work on the beach. I used New Zealand flax to woven into the rope to connect the driftwood in the series, and installed it in the low tide area, so that it could move and flow with the tide and communicate with the tide.


作品名稱: 與潮

創作者: 李蕢至

材質: 漂流木、紐西蘭亞麻

尺寸: 25m(L)

地點: 作品位於紐西蘭的霍基蒂卡河口

年代: 2019





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