2019 The Driftwood & Sand Beach Sculpture Festival

Title: Ripple

Artist: Lee, Kuei-chih

Materials: Driftwood, Sand

Size: 18m(L) x 18m(W) x 60cm(H)

Location: The work is located at the Hokitika river mouth, New Zealand

Year: 2019


This piece was my creation in the southern part of Taiwan in 2009. The work is called "Drift". I responded to the Typhoon Morakot disaster in 2009 with the year and told about the global climate change and ecological transformation.

Ten years later, I did this work again at the Hokitika river mouth in New Zealand, I named it "Ripple." The ripple extends from a point and its natural internal force expands outward and is expressed on the surface we see. Everything we do in the world has its own "Ripple effect" and it also affects and changes the surrounding environment. The "The Driftwood & Sand Beach Sculpture Festival" happen here every year. It is like a ripple on this land, and it leads more people to get close to nature.

The "Ripple" work is located at the sunset point of the Hokitika river mouth, which persists for a short time but remains in memory. It sculpts itself and this fleeting beauty as it appears and disappears.

It originates from the sea and returns to the sea.


作品名稱: 波紋

創作者: 李蕢至

材質: 漂流木、沙

尺寸: 18m(L) x 18m(W) x 60cm(H)

地點: 作品位於紐西蘭的霍基蒂卡河口

年代: 2019