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Wind boundary / 風的邊界




主題名稱: 風的邊界




地點:澎湖馬公風櫃里蛇頭山。(23.549811N, 119.548736E)





2018 The most beautiful bay carnival in Penghu, Taiwan

Bay Landscape Art Festival

Land Art Prnghu

Title: Wind boundary

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: iron, driftwood, oyster shell, building formwork

Size: 41m (L) x 10m (W) x 3.3m (H)

Location: Shetou Hill Recreational Area, Penghu island, Taiwan (23.549811N, 119.548736E)

The work is located in the seaside of Shetoushan in Fengguiwei district in Penghu island. I named it the "Wind boundary".

I am face this place where the sea and the land, the tides rise and fall, and the historical traces of the colonization of the Netherlands, France and Japan. I use the theme of "Wind" and the sculpture form of "Wave" create here. And collecte the natural materials and construction materials of Penghu island here on this constantly changing cultural and historical boundary land. I use the concept of reuse to create a freezes natural sculpture on the multiple meanings boundary. And the pillars below the sculpture are echoing the energy of the old banyan tree here.

I combine the history, natural texture of the wind and the plant with the natural qualities of the earth, and incorporate the work into its original natural scenery. It stands to the post in the cold sea breeze and continue to guard the land of this multiple boundary and became a sustainable wave continuing dialogue with people and symbiosis with the environment and this boundary.



張國耀、陳抒漫、陳勇昌、鄭微馨、禾磊藝術、昇杰營造有限公司 、馬公市菜園社區發展協會、鐵線社區發展協會、舞奕和創意製作股份有限公司

Special thanks:

Cheng, WEI-HSIN, CHEN, YONG-CHANG (KALING DIWAY), CHONG, KOK-YEW, TAN, SOOK-MUAR Artfield Magong City Tsai-Yuan Community Development Association Sheng-Chieh Construction Co., Ltd. Tieh-Hsien Community Development Association, WUYIHE Creative Production Co. Ltd.

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