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遺跡2046 / 2046 Relic

Photo by Timothy S. Allen

李蕢至 (Chris) – 台灣







Photo by Timothy S. Allen

Chris Lee (Lee, Kuei-chih) - Taiwan

Title: “2046 Relic”

Materials: Recycled bamboo, driftwood, natural sisal rope, plants from Cheng Long Wetlands, and other natural and recycled materials

"Now" is the distant future recall and "Relic" is the mysterious aide of patching up the human activities in the past.

The artwork is an imaginary bridge to the future rising from a traditional fishing hut on the land, going over the water and into the sky of the wetlands.

Some new living creatures stay here where is not seemingly broken but also complete bridge. We've never seen it before, and how are they evolved? What's the past time they lived?

This artwork carries some worry along with some humor and stresses the human impact on the environment. It asks us to think about what the environment might be like in 2046.

Work's process

Photo by Timothy S. Allen

More photo

Photo by Lee, Kuei-chih

Work's process

Photo by 吳梵寧 and 李蕢至


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