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減速 Slow down

"睡眠 林床 試驗 樹火20特別活動"




地點:臺北市立大安森林公園 (25.027319N, 121.536576E)



"SLEEPin' the city forest:Outdoor Special Activities For Celebrating Suho 20TH-Year-Old Birthday"

Title: Slow down

Creators: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Video editing: Yang, Cheng-Shin

Material: bamboo, hemp rope, Paper Rope

Location: Daan Forest Park, Taipei city, Taiwan (25.027319N, 121.536576E)

Year: 2015

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is a typical high-speed development city. The pace of life of people living here has also become faster. The Daan Forest Park is a big green area in Taipei. Its presence slightly narrows the gap between the city and nature and let our daily life could slow down a little bit. So I created this sleeping hammock work. It is like a pause in our busy life, let us get close to nature, close our eyes and take a break.

Video by Yang, Cheng-Shin

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