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林間迴響 Forest Resound


2015 Gang Won Environmental Installation Art Invitational Exhibition _ Artist’s statement




We always follow with natural learning how to live and to create.

The work is located in Back-Rak Temple, Hong Choen in Korea. It is a small slope could overlooking the mountains.

Round regional centre is the original forest. There are many natural lines in the periphery by the ground rises. It is structured to became mountains outline and stretches in a piece of forest land facing the front of the mountains.

The upper part of the sculpture seems organism which is combined with local seeds and slightly shaking by wind, It is a symbol of spiritual power. In addition, the work also means like the natural melodies of the forest.

It is responded to religious and beliefs of the natural.

創作者:李蕢至 – 台灣




Artist: Lee, Kuei-chih (Chris Lee) – Taiwan

Title of Artwork: Forest Resound

Materials: Branches, Local seeds

Location: The forest nearby Bark rak Temple, Hwacheon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do

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