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竹曲 Bamboo Meander






“Water Calligraphy" is a method of writing with a brush dipped with water, after writing with the wind evaporated, without any trace. In the concept of land art, the artwork was a part of nature, that change over time, and to be the one. This characteristics of the artwork’s breathing with nature are similar with “Water Calligraphy".

In the exhibition, I reproduced part of artwork “Bamboo Meander" in the space, and tried to make link with the theme of the exhibition." Meander is necessary to straight, but also a necessary process of river", with explaining the importance of the process from natural phenomena.

Land exists among our consciousness, free drift, just as a floating land.





Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Bamboo、Soil、Video

Year: 2014

Location: MADL space

Video by Yang, Cheng-Shin

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