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河-道 River talk





尺寸:10m(L) x 10m(W) x 4m(H)

地點:雲林縣西螺鎮濁水溪旁 120.4659E,23.8100N





Artist residency in Xiluo project

Title: River Talk

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Driftwood, Sand

Size: 10m(L) x 10m(W) x 4m(H)

Location: Chuo-shui River , Xiluo township, Yunlin County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Year: 2012

In the legend, the river is the path of God, and God will follow the river from the mountains to the plains, we human beings cannot stop the way . The long-term coexistence with nature, stemming from its " oracle ", which owns rules of experience and ecological wisdom naturally.

This is the final work that I resident in Xiluo township, and I dedicated it to the river once known as Taiwan's largest (Chuo-shui River). I used a reed grass to tie up a stone to choose its location, and hang it by my finger. When the stone rotates clockwise to indicate "This is the position of the work". Conversely, if the stone rotates counterclockwise, it means "this is not the position of the work". I try to let the river to choose its own position without imposing the default of human consciousness. Minimizing human expectations and computing, and allowing rivers and the chance to lead the journey. Close to this piece of land with my body of labor directly.

I stacked three sculptures with driftwood on the sand land by the river, then use the way to pray to the land which is folded hands together to make the ripple-like land sculpture between them.

Create an ancient ritual tranquil field, a mysterious channel for communication with God. In the change of people, environment and nature and the incredible rapid adaptation, it tells of some inexpressible river emotions and connections.

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