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Never fade away in Nanhai Gallery



Circles are every where in this world. They can be inside, outside of the haman body, or between.

Circulations, as a circle, exsist in the natural, unnatural, and supernatural worlds. In the natural world, the circulations appear as the transformation of elements, such as water, fire, earth, metal, light, and life. When in the unnatural, it is like the working of gears. And in the supernatural world, circulations can be the flow of energy, the transmittion of thought, and the reincarnation, something beyond material. The circle never vanishes, and the circulations have never stopped. The material of work changes when the environment is different, and so dose the process of growing and dying. The only constant is its appearence and the charactor of vanishing. When it dissapeared here, it recurs with different appearence in different places, and goes on.




Materials: leaves

Location: Works Location:Nanhai Gallery


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