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To river

『To River』就地取材堆疊,由溪旁爬滿苔蘚的老樹開始進行堆疊動作,直到河裡頭。溪石是不規則且圓潤的,佈滿青苔,並非雙面平坦乾燥,而每一柱堆疊高度取決於石塊的造型、重量與表面型態,必得專注於那唯一重心(中心)。

唯有將自身置於自然裡頭與它相處才能夠習得如何與它相互平衡的方式,小心翼翼的疊合,凝神靜氣,過程緩慢,但身體經驗在此作是重要的。由於冬季驟降的溫度與入夜後的視覺隱匿,身體自體的保護機制促使其他身體感官活絡了起來。溪流的聲響與蟲鳴在夜裡聽起來更加透耳,苦花魚滑過腳踝,石塊的觸感、造型、大小與河水的流動方向與力道,身體正感覺著。自我意識決定繼續介入這自然,即便速度已變的相當 緩慢。


“To River” was stacked with local stones, starting from old trees blanketed with moss along the river, extending all the way to the river. River stones are irregular in shape yet with round and smooth surfaces covering with moss – not both sides are flat and dry. The stacking height of each column depended on the shapes, weight and surface types of the stones. Attention was focused on the only center of gravity (the core).

Only by placing oneself in nature to get along with it can one learn how to reach the balance. I kept calm and focused, meticulously stacked the stones. Although the whole process was slow, what mattered most was the body’s experience. With the abruptly dropped temperature in winter and obscure vision, the body’s protection system thus stimulated other senses. The sounds of the river’s babbling and buzzing from insects could not be clearer than ever; the Varicorhinus alticorpus that slipped by my ankles; the touch, shapes and sizes of the stones and the direction and flow of the river – all being experienced by the body. Despite the fairly slow progress, out of self consciousness, I decided to keep intervening in the nature.

The number of columns that could be finished in each field was limited, since each column was attempted to remain a slim center of gravity (core). Among repeatedly stacking and collapsing, 39 columns were yielded within 2 days – representing of all my consciousness and attention. The completion of stacking was just the finished phase of human intervention. Followed by the organic effect of local integration, any redundant and unfitted elements would be eliminated, among which the height not fitted to collapse and the location not appropriate to be removed by the river. By the time the artificial landscape reaches the balance with nature, the work is done.





經度: 121°31’50″ ( 121.5305)

緯度: 24°53’45″ ( 24.8960)

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Video: Yang, Cheng-Shin

Location:Pingguang River- Pingguang Rd., Hsin Tien City, Taipei County 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

East Longitude:121° 31’50”(121.5305)

North Latitude:24° 53’45”(24.8960)


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