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龍 Dragon

派生X力Derivative WHAT IS ART!!-屏東縣枋寮藝術村駐村

Derivative WHAT IS ART!!-Resident artist at Fangliau F3 Art District



15m (L) x 3m (W) x 0.5m(H)



在2009年莫拉克颱風(Typhoon Makokot)襲擊台灣時,帶來了驚人的雨量而重創台灣南部。颱風過後我來到南臺灣進行藝術展覽與駐地創作計畫。在駐村期間我感受到當地居民對於龍的虔誠信仰與期待。因此,我在當地的海邊將石頭堆疊出龍的形象,連接著這片土地與海,回應這特別的信仰與寄望。



Material: Stone, driftwood

Size: 15m (L) x 3m (W) x 0.5m(H)

Location: Beach, Fangliao Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan

2009 Derivative WHAT IS ART!!!

Dragons are creatures that appear in Chinese myths and legends. Together with Phoenix, Kirin, and Turtle, it is called "the four auspicious creatures'' and has the ability to control the weather and adjust the climate and the symbol of sacred auspiciousness. In religious beliefs, fishermen worshipped the Dragon King sincerely before going out to fish. In addition to praying for safety in the sea, they also hoped to return with a full load.

After the Morakot floods in 2009, the extraordinary rainfall caused by the Typhoon Morakot hit southern Taiwan. I had the opportunity participate the exhibition and artists residency in South Taiwan. I felt the expectations of the local residents for Dragon during my stay. Therefore, I stacked stones to form a dragon-like image on the beach, and it connect driftwood and the sea. Try to healing the land with art, and responding to this special belief and hope.


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