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跡象 Indication



One day of 2002 in the mountain of tu-chang, i found a pile of black ashes.It was the remaining of some burned branches. i picked up a little tree, and set it in the middle of them. with the uncompletely burned sticks, i shaped a leg underneath. And at last, i placed a piece of rock of this mountain. Perhapes through the sign in the mountain, we learn to see the delicate clues of human-nature symbiosos.

2002 Branch、Stone、Ash


經度:121° 26’27.61” 緯度:24° 57’27.08”

Location:Mountain, Tucheng City, Taipei County 236, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

East Longitude:121° 26’27.61” North Latitude:24° 57’27.08”

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