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行雲 Cloud




尺寸:1000 cm (L) x 800 cm (W) x 350 cm (H)







Title: Cloud

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Wind, bamboo, nylon rope, iron wire

Size: 1000 cm (L) x 800 cm (W) x 350 cm (H)

Location: Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, Tainan City, Taiwan

Year: 2021

An endless stream-Shalun Green Energy Art Festival

Nature has its laws, which flows like water, and has its rhythmic natural principles like time.

The atmospheric flow in the natural world gave me the idea of this work about green energy, so I named the work "Cloud". I combine this natural flowing energy with the space of the biological habitat to interpret the interdependence between man and nature.

The work transforms the phenomenon of clouds and air currents in the atmosphere into linear installation works on the ground, and create a natural sculpture that cuts the space with a streamline. The space woven with the flow lines in the sculpture symbolizes the needs of living beings in space, and the natural sound of the wind blowing bamboo slices leads us into the imagination of nature, echoing the flowing energy in nature.

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