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米 Rice




尺寸:700cm(L)x 550cm(W)x 150cm(H)






Title: Rice

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Bamboo, rice shell

Size: 700cm(L)x 550cm(W)x 150cm(H)

Location: Yunlin County Cultural Center, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Year: 2022

12% SKIES- Yun-Chia-Chia-Ying Visual Art Link

I was born in Yunlin County that known as the "Capital of Agriculture". Because my grandparents grow rice, I have deep emotions for land and water, and gradually developed my creative ideas in the organic world, use the most powerful metaphors in Chinese philosophical -"water" as the catalyst when I created. To present the energy in nature through works, and then explore the relationship between the nature of creation and the relationship between people, nature and the environment.

The theme of this exhibition is "12%of the sky". On Yunjianan Plain, which occupies 12%of the total area of Taiwan. The rice farmers often watch the sky through the reflection of water, and feel that the sky is closely linked to the land. And rice is a Chinese staple food. It has a long history and rice food custom that changes with the season. It is also the crystallization of culture and economy. Therefore, I use the two elements of "rice" and "ripples" to interpret the importance of water breeding the earth. I use bamboo to weave the huge rice grains sculpture, and the ripple -shaped shape is arranged in the space with rice shells. The ripple of rice shell has a symbol of the cycle, which reminds me of the scene of the Rice drying in the sun in the past. It is also like the cultural ripples of rice on this land. It is not only production that continues to expand with the water, but also the humble attitude in life with the seasons. Care of land, and ecological wisdom with nature.

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