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水靈 Water Spirit

在 Pfaffenwinkel 中間的 Ammer 河畔,Polling 村附近的一片農業草地上,正在建造一個開放的圓柱大廳:STOA169。 這是一個自然中的藝術殿堂,由來自世界各地的國際知名藝術家創作的 100 多根獨立設計的柱子支撐。 來自各大洲的藝術家被選中設計一根柱子,作為當今藝術的檔案,這些柱子將共同承載 STOA169 的屋頂。



藝術家伯恩德·齊默 (Bernd Zimmer) 早在 1990 年就在穿越南印度的旅途中提出了這個項目的想法。印度教寺廟令人印象深刻的門廊,每根柱子的形狀都各不相同,這激發了他對 STOA169 的想法這個想法使STOA169 成為全球和平共處、團結、國際理解和尊重自然樹立了共同標誌。










On a part of an agricultural meadow near the village of Polling, on the banks of the river Ammer, in the middle of Pfaffenwinkel, an open columned hall is being built: the STOA169. It's a hall of art in the middle of nature, supported by over 100 individually designed columns, created by internationally renowned artists from all over the world. Artists from all continents were selected to design one column each, which together, as an archive of today's art, would carry the common roof of the STOA169.

"It is important to me that in this place the uniqueness of nature can be perceived simultaneously with art.”

Bernd Zimmer

The artist Bernd Zimmer developed the idea for this project already in 1990 on a journey through South India. The impressive porticoes of the Hindu temples, where each column is individually shaped, inspired him to the idea of the STOA169. The STOA169 sets a common sign for worldwide peaceful coexistence, solidarity, international understanding and respect for nature.


Title: Water Spirit

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Local tree branches

Size: Diameter 90cm x 390cm(H)

Location: STOA169 Column Hall, Polling, Munich, Germany.

Year: 2021

“STOA169 project”


Temples are the place to connect the human being and the spiritual world. The "Column" is an element in the building space that supports the roof and forms the facade and the gods and dragons are spiritual symbols and occupy a considerable position in the column decoration of oriental temples. It spiraled up on the column of the temple and was the symbol of reflecting the beliefs, fantasies, and desires of the prosperous and peaceful people in the national culture.

All things have their souls in the thought of the eastern animism. Human beings are also part of nature and resonate and create with all things in the world. The Eastern philosopher Lao Tzu once said "Most benevolent actions resemble water in character. Water benefits all things but does not compete with them. It puts itself in low places that most people don’t like. As such, it comes close to the nature of Dao." The water is like a mirror. It can reflect everything and is a map of our minds. Each natural environment place carries the memory and cultural development of the place. Therefore, I use the eastern temple dragon column as the form of the sculpture work. Therefore, I use the eastern temple dragon column as the form of the sculpture work and use the local branches to create a natural sculpture like a water spiral climbing on the column and presenting it in the Polling, German. It symbolizes a message that supports the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. As a bridge to connect the spiritual world to realize the unity relationship between humans and nature, and coexists with nature.


Thanks the STOA169 team for assisting me in completing this "Water Spirit" work when I was unable to go during the epidemic.



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