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時間螺旋 Time spiral




尺寸:300cm(L)x 350cm(W)x 60m(H)







Title: Time spiral

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Bamboo, fallen leaves, rice straw, rebars, stainless steel nets

Size: 300cm(L)x 350cm(W)x 60m(H)

Location: Dapi Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan.

Year: 2023

 “Dapi Art Festival”


Not only Yunlin County is the county with the most rice production in Taiwan but also Dapi Township is the widest township of rice farming in Yunlin County. During the period of Taiwan under European rule(1624), the Dutch built "Pi" to store water storage, also known as "Hongmaopi". Moreover, the Jiaxing Village in Dapi Township has the old name "Red Cedar Feet" because of more than 300 years of a Redcedar tree here.

Therefore, I use water to interpret life in this sculpture. The idea is to start with the field snails common in rural rice fields and combine the natural resources of the surrounding environment to complete the sculpture.

I call this work "Time Spiral".  The spiral is the most common shape in nature, and the spiral phenomenon has an important inspiration and revealing role in understanding the world of the universe, it is also a physical concept of time and space. Inside the spiral sculpture, I filled with this old red cedar tree fallen leaves, and the rice straw. The change of time reflects the natural cycle ontology.

"Time Spiral" works are combined with the aesthetics of geometry and curves. It looks like the field snails common in farmland and also looks like the prelude to seed germination. Next to the old trees of our lives, it has a symbol of breeding and endlessness, echoes the tight emotions of the land and people, and recalls the fun of the past in the rice fields.




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