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時間螺旋 Time spiral




尺寸:15m(L)x 13.2m(W)x 4m(H)








Title: Time spiral

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Materials: Iron plate, bamboo, T5-fluorescent tube

Size: 15m(L)x 13.2m(W)x 4m(H)

Location: Pingtung’s Min Park, Pingtung City, Taiwan

Year: 2022

“2022 Pintung festival of lights”


The phenomenon of helix can be observed from the human body's DNA to the stars' orbit. Even typhoons, tornadoes, and cyclones are spirals. The flow of water often also creates spiral vortices. The orbit of the earth's rotation and the rotation around the sun is also spiral, and the state of this flow also has the infinite symbol of the "Spiral of life".

This work is located in the "Pingtung’s Min Park" by the Shashe River in Pingtung City. Here was originally the old Taiwan Sugar and pulp factories during the Japanese occupation. In the past, sugarcane was the main plant for sugar production here, and the bagasse of sugarcane was the main raw material for pulp mills to make paper. Years pass by, and the factory has transformed into the current "Pingtung County People's Park" and has many landscapes, steel structure installations, and pit ruins designed along the river.

For this work, I use the microscopic world and the boundless spiral phenomenon as the concept and use the image of the vascular bundle and sugarcane cell wall under the microscope to design. In terms of materials, I used iron and bamboo and combined two different techniques of industrial technology laser cutting and traditional weaving craftsmanship to complete the work. I used bamboo, which is the same plant as sugar cane and has long fibers, as the material, and matched the shape of the sugar cane cell wall for bamboo weaving. In addition to combining the softness of nature with the hardness of iron, the rust of iron traces the historical sense of the site, and the bamboo-woven sheet-like combined installation echoes the history and culture of papermaking in the area.

I named the work "Time Spiral", taking the spiral flow phenomenon common in nature as the form of the work. In the torrent of history, the spiral pulls the cultural memory of the past and leads people into the microscopic world of sugar. The cell pattern of sugarcane changes with different light and shadow during the day and night, corresponding to the theme of the 2022 Pingtung Lantern Festival of "Light, Shadow, Sugar and Paper". Moreover, the works not only express the vitality of time and field but also convey the importance of symbiosis and balance between civilization and nature under the change of time.



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