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時間種子 Time seed





尺寸:250cm(L)x 203cm(W)x 303cm(H)






Title: Time seed

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Photography: WU,SZ-RU

Material: bamboo, wetland plant, iron, stainless steel net

Size: 250cm(L)x 203cm(W)x 303cm(H)

Location: Wetland under the Xinyue Bridge, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Year: 2023

“2022 New Taipei Wetlands Art Festival”

"Sweeping the leaves, sweeping the mind ..." is a sentence often heard of Buddhism. Cleaning is not only the environment, but also the behavior of seeing the time flow and cleaning thoughts. This is an organic sculpture called " Time seed ". It is a shell to load time, and to capture the invisible flowing energy with the visible shape. When natural energy changes with the environment, it also transforms the sculpture to echo the characteristics of changes in nature; respond the Four States of Phenomena in the Principle of Physics: formation, existence, destruction, and emptiness.

The work is like a face -to -face container, which is composed of natural materials. It symbolizes that Dahan river and Xindian river converge here, and the middle space gathers the light and go through it.


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