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愛與關懷 Loving and Caring




尺寸:380mm x 270mm


版種與技法:膠版、凸版 (X3),一版多色套印之絕版版畫。



Title: Loving and Caring

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Media: Oil-based ink, Arches(300P) paper

Size: 380mm x 270mm

Number of prints: 25

Technique: Letterpress, Linocut , (X3). It is the out of print work that use multicolor overprint in one board.

Year: 2022

In Chinese culture, 2022 is the year of Renyin, and the five elements belong to gold, which means the year of the golden tiger. In 2021, we have gone through the turmoil and anxiety of the epidemic together. This year, I painted an image of two tigers taking care of each other in golden tones to convey the importance of "loving and caring". I hope that through the blessings of mutual care, we will sweep away the haze of the epidemic and welcome the coming future.

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