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山水螺旋 Mountain spirit




尺寸:7.6m(L)x 4.6m(W)x 3m(H)









Title: Mountain Spirit

Artist: Lee, Kuei-Chih

Material: Bamboo, fallen leaves, steel bars, stainless steel nets

Size: 7.6m(L)x 4.6m(W)x 3m(H)

Location: Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Year: 2022

 “2022 Taipei Land Art Festival”


There are many "dragon" sculptures in Taiwan temples. The "Zhinan temple" is located in the Mountains, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, and this location is at the "Dragon head point" in "Feng Shui".

"Feng Shui" is extended by the concept of "qi". It is a different form of material existence. The mountain is "Entity qi", and the water is "Dynamic qi", and the two are interdependent. "Dragon" is the formation of natural flowing energy. It occupies an important position in all ethnic groups and cultures. People also give it many wonderful and magical abilities and morals and it is a symbol of auspiciousness and peace. Therefore, I use the spiral shape in nature to respond to the energy of the universe flow, which is also a symbol of a "dragon". 

The "Mountain spirit" work is based on the concept of "cage", and uses the image of mountains and water as the form of sculpture. A "Cage" is a container for accommodation and protection. The work uses natural materials to store the "movement" and "stillness" in this flowing space. I created a spiral mountain ridge with geometric lines, and placed the fallen leaves of the sculpture, creating the natural body of the dragon, echoing the mountain ridge line from afar. In addition, the behavior of cleaning the fallen leaves in the temple every morning is not just to clean up the environment, but also a purify the mind movement. In the central part of the work, I have woven an egg-shaped sculpture with bamboo to create a quiet place in the mechanical sound environment of the cable car station.

"Mountain spirit" works show the artistic aesthetics intertwined with "geometry" and "curve" in the mountain. The use of local and natural materials to convey the meaning of natural energy flow, and show the spirit of life of the "Satoyama Initiative" that sustainable use of natural resources.

Zhinan temple



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